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Haroon Aslam

VP of Design


A Robotics Engineer by education, an aspiring sneaker designer, and an innovation leader at a global management consulting firm. In past lives, Haroon has built products in the energy and aviation sector, and lead the UX, strategy, and analytics practices at digital agencies. Haroon now leads design & innovation at ICF – a consulting firm focused on developing sustainable and resilient strategies, programs, and transformations across public & private sector clients.

Within ICF, Haroon is on a mission to reinvent the culture to be design driven. Leading this transformation around design thinking and facilitation – Haroon is focused on developing processes, techniques, and trainings that empower leaders across the company to leverage a design-first approach, no matter their craft or industry.

Advanced Facilitation: Using a Designer’s Toolbox to address Organizational Strategy

An increasingly complex climate of strategic challenges mires the agility of organizations. The stakes are higher - from increasing ethical scrutiny of digital systems, evolving regulatory frameworks, through to a rising awareness towards sustainability. The answers aren’t clear, but the ability to foster cross-functional discussions within your organization has never been more important. Creating these inclusive moments across teams can help craft a common vision, helping each team contribute to the market challenge. Designers are uniquely positioned to facilitate these discussions and guide the development of strategic initiatives using prototyping & testing techniques typically reserved for customer experiences. There is rising recognition of tools like the Design Sprint, and other Design Thinking based workshops – these coincide with the maturity of design as a core discipline We frequently turn these tools outwards towards customer needs, it’s intuitive to rally collaboration around a researched & defined customer truth. With a few twists, experienced facilitators can turn these tools inwards and help their peers and executives better navigate complex problem spaces and manage multiple, competing truths.

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