Supporting front line workers

Throughout the last few months we have become aware of the tireless work of frontline workers all over the world. While we are figuring out working from home and getting into the exciting challenge of online events, so many brave and brilliant folk have been doing all they can to keep services running and help those most in need. We want to support them and all that they are doing.

You'll see on our ticket page we have added an option to make a small donation when you buy a ticket. We are currently speaking with three charities, one based here in Brighton, one UK based and one International. We will be sharing any donations between the three of them.

We'll let you know more details about them in the coming weeks and let you know how we get on with fundraising.

Thank you for anything you can spare to help!

Five Day SofaConf tickets

Come join us on the sofa for keynote talks from industry experts, live Q&As, entertainment and community sessions from 22 - 26 June 2020.

Pick and choose the sessions that suit you and rewatch the keynotes whenever you please.

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Let us entertain you

During breaks we will be presenting a number of activities from networking to live music to exercise sessions. Join us!