Venues have always played an important part in our events, but luckily there’s no place like home!

If you’ve been to one of our events you’ll know we’re all about the experience – whether that’s barista coffee, cocktails, street food, or the inspiring architecture. This time we want to bring the conference atmosphere into your home, so we’ve chosen a platform which will help us do that.

With experience design at the heart of all we do, we’ve spent time researching a platform that makes for a great conference experience. We’ll be putting extra care and attention into each day, to keep you connected to your community in this challenging time.


Our research indicates it will take an average time of 3 minutes to travel to your preferred location. This is dependent on obstacles such as pets, small children, significant partner squabbles, and remembering where you placed your computer!

Seating arrangements

You're guaranteed the seat of your choice. Multiple positions are available – feet up, feet down, ankles crossed and even the lotus. Cushions provided at no extra cost.

Support our Front Liners

Help support the incredible groups working to respond to the COVID19 crisis, with an optional charity donation when you buy your ticket.

For more information see the ticket page