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Simeon Wishlade

Principal Product Designer


Sim is a Principal Product Designer at OpenTable and over the last four years has been responsible for transforming customer experiences across the product. Moving between roles as a Designer, Product Manager and Front-end engineer Sim helps to define, design and deliver these experiences for a global market.

Coming from a design agency background Sim has discovered the value of making data-driven design decisions through AB testing.

How To Lose Less In AB Testing

AB testing is one of the tools that is used to validate product, design and engineering decisions whether that’s testing a different image, string of text, to testing a completely new feature. In this talk, Sim Wishlade will talk through lessons learned from AB testing during his time at OpenTable: what feels right to you often isn't right at all, when tests win but aren't the right thing to do, and making sure you're set up to give your tests the best chance of winning. His goal for this talk is to help those that would like to get into AB testing but unsure of where to start, and once started how to avoid some of the common pitfalls and lose less – helping your work have more impact on the business and helping it to grow.

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